About Learning Communites Project

Learning Communities strives to bring access to and awareness of learning opportunities to northern Aboriginal communities of Alberta. Working at the grass-roots level, it provides learning tools that community members can use to succeed in life as productive members of their community. The combination of these tools help support economic prosperity and develop a sustainable community.   

The Learning Communities team works with stakeholders drawn from different sectors, communities and interests. These include Athabasca Tribal Council, Big Stone Cree Nation, Little Red River Cree Nation, Metis General Council and e-Campus Alberta. The project aims to create linkages with community resources, support networks and all educational institutions to nurture and facilitate community development initiatives that lead to the fulfillment of educational and career goals. It is the eventual vision of Learning Communities that by providing this community-grown framework, we will inspire future generation of leaders who are cultivated from the community.

Learning Communities Goals:

  • To increase community capacity and quality of life of rural community learners;
  • To expand learning and skills development in northern and rural remote communities of Alberta;
  • To develop a community and intercommunity network that supports rural learners;
  • To develop local structures that support skills and trades training while linking to broader structures such as mentors and programs attainable in the community;
  • To enable members of small rural and remote northern Alberta and Aboriginal communities to access educational opportunities and become successful learners in pursuit of educational and economic goals that will benefit not only individual communities but create a web-based community network which can be employed for community capacity building, sharing expertise, knowledge creation and economic enhancement.

Learning Communities is here to support rural, remote northern and Aboriginal communities to increase the capacity of their peoples to access learning interests, fulfill dreams and goals, and create the communities they want to live in. Some initiatives of Learning Communities:

  • Working closely and partnering with already established community institutions, businesses and associations.
  • Working with an Advisory Council consisting of members from the communities.
  • Ongoing evaluation of programs, needs assessments, research and government initiatives.  
  • Facilitating awareness of and access to learning opportunities in the communities.
  • Facilitating and supporting a Mentor Circle program.

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