About This Site

To facilitate the mandate of the Learning Communities Project, the website is a tool which aims to provide an interactive community network engagement, by providing a place to find out about learning opportunities and create a supportive network in the community and at a distance.  The website will provide:

  1. Ongoing news and events that promote learning opportunities and initiatives both within the community and within the broader community network.
  2. A Learning Opportunities database that leads to understanding the myriad of distance and online programs available and where to access them.
  3. Community website portals for sharing educational community initiatives, stories, videos.
  4. An interactive mentoring portal called the Mentor Circle where participants in the mentoring program may communicate, create a private space, find out information, share stories, and get help and direction from community specialists.
  5. A Community Coordinators Network; a resource space to share information, input on questionnaires, suggestions and ideas that help community members prepare and be successful in their chosen learning goals.

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