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The Learning Communities Project is working alongside northern Alberta communities to help create awareness of Learning Opportunities and Educational News and Events happening close to home. Check out the News and Events that are happening in your community or one close to you! 

You are welcome to connect with the Community Coordinator residing in your community with questions or with information and resources you would like to share.

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Paddle Prairie Métis Settlement

Picture this... located in the far north, Peace country as we call it, lies one of the largest land based and populated Métis settlements, which I am proud to ...

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A weekly Digest featuring top Indigenous News, Stories and Ideas


The Healthy Aboriginal Network

We create comic books on health and social issues for youth.
You can view and ...

The Idea Connector Network

Welcome to the Idea Connector Network (ICN), the place where Aboriginal entrepreneurial people and communities ...

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Climate Monitoring Engagement

October 2nd 2018 - December 31st 2018

What if we could do something today for a better tomorrow ...
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