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Published on Aug 23, 2012 ...

Welcome to Calling Lake

Located on the boreal forest of north-central Alberta, the hamlet of Calling Lake takes its name from the lake that forms its backbone, "Calling Lake" or “Kitow Sakahikan.  In Cree..."the lake that calls out" refers to the growling moans emitted by the lake as the ice breaks up each spring.

Recent discoveries by Anthropologists of hunter-gatherer artifacts date settlement of Calling Lake back 6,000 years. More recent inhabitants include both the Woodland Cree, and early fur-traders, which turned to Calling Lake for their winter supply of fish.

Today, Calling Lake stretches long and narrow along the lake’s eastern shoreline.

The Jean Baptist Gambler Indian Reserve No 183 Governed by the Bigstone Cree Nation, with a population of 231, as of 2005, sits at the center of the hamlet. A similar number of band members live off reserve as well as approximately 200 non aboriginal permanent residents and cottage owners.

The Hamlet of Calling lake is one of seven Hamlets within the Municipal District of Opportunity No. 17 The Municipal District of 17 provides excellent services. Some of the services we have include our Administration Offices and Transportation Department. We also have the most services and programs for our youth and their families! These include; Jaybird Memorial Arena, Outreach program, Skate Board Park as well as numerous baseball diamonds and parks throughout the community!

This profile of Calling Lake was taken from a 42 page strategic plan document that had been developed by ACE Communities and written by Cheryl Mahaffy; ACE stands for Active Creative Engaged, and this profile was taken from a section called, “Our Assets"

Calling lake was one of 10 communities selected each year by ARPA to work together to further develop their community; the first step being gathering the stakeholders of the communityand drafting a strategic plan. The project was completed in 2010; however, the benefits like this profile continue to unfold in Calling Lake.

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