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Certification for Early Childhood Development Level 1 & 2
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Welcome to Peavine Métis Settlement

The Peavine Métis Settlement is located 56 km north of High Prairie on hwy 749, with a population of 993 community members and a land base size of 82,364 hectares. The economic diversity is oil & gas, agriculture, construction, forestry and transportation. We are a recognized Métis Settlement, one of eight in the province of Alberta. We are affiliated with the Métis Settlements General Council and a recognized member of the Métis Nation of Alberta organization. The community is rich with the Woodland Cree dialect spoken fluently by the middle-age and elders of the community.

Bishop Routhier School supports the community with the Métis culture, and language integrated within the Aboriginal curriculum of the FMNI funding affiliated with Northland School Division 61. The school has one principal and 8 teachers’, the approximate number of students are 100 attending a fully modernized facility with more and more emphasis placed on technology.

Northern Lakes College is an integral part of the Community Access Programs and the number of learner’s are growing with career option’s creating opportunities for the members of the community. Work experience programs have encouraged and enhanced career training in the trades options and professional positions of Office Management, Office Assistant, EMT, LPN, TA programs and Social Workers.

Hunting, trapping, fishing, making dry meat, smoked fish and making traditional clothing is still a vital part of continuing the traditional values and oral histories of the Métis community. A rich source of Cultural support to enhance moccasin making, papoose/moss bags, beading and the traditional hide jackets are projects that are considered priority to continue teaching our youth to enhance the identity of the Métis Nation.

Peavine is also recognized for the physical activity of team sports that have excelled in Hockey and Fastball at the Provincial level of competition to the National level of competition. Peavine has a track record for developing elite athletes and supporting the aspects of positive team and community spirit both in women and men’s division. We are currently working on completing our hockey arena to continue supporting and strengthening our sports and athlete development programs.

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Joline R. Mearon-Bull
By phone: 780-523-9936
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Tues, Thurs and Sundays

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