Climate Monitoring Engagement

October 2nd 2018 - December 31st 2018

Alberta Métis Nation
What if we could do something today for a better tomorrow?
Climate change compromises ecosystems, reduces agricultural yields,
and negatively affects medicinal plants.
The Climate Leadership Team is hosting engagement sessions in all regions
throughout October, November, and December.
Everyone’s welcome to come, have dinner, and discuss how climate change
affects Métis rights and ways of life.

Region 2:
October 16
5:30 pm-8 pm
Lakeland College, 2602 59 Avenue
Elk Point
October 17
5:30 pm-8 pm
Pioneer Circle Senior Centre, 5010 48 Street
October 18
5:30 pm-8 pm
ACFA Center, 4904 50 Street
Region 3:
Rocky Mountain House
November 23
5:30 pm-8 pm
Highwater House, Rocky Mountain 
National Historic Site, Site 127 Comp 6 RR4
Medicine Hat 
November 26
5:30 pm-8 pm
Honor Currie Room
Medicine Hat Public Library, 414 1St. SE
November 27
5:30 pm-8 pm
Métis Family Services
Native Network Parent Link Center, 19 Erinwoods Drive SE
Chance to win $100 prize at every session! Reserve your spot by calling Amy White at or phone 780-455-2200 ext. 411
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