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RAVEN Aboriginal Youth Initiative with the Royal Canadian Navy

RAVEN: A Canadian Armed Forces Indigenous Initiative
Are you a Canadian that identifies as an Indigenous person? Are you looking for a challenging and rewarding opportunity over the summer months and potentially beyond? Then Raven is exactly what you’re looking for!
In the summer of 2003, the Commander of Maritime Forces Pacific implemented the first Raven Aboriginal Youth Employment Program and it has since grown into so much more.
This outreach program is designed to build bridges into Indigenous communities throughout Canada and show young Indigenous people potential for part-time employment or a fulltime career with the Canadian Armed Forces.
Raven is conducted at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Esquimalt in Victoria, BC from early July to late August each year. The recruits are enrolled in the CAF at the beginning of the course and then travel to Nanoose Bay to commence a three and a half day Culture Camp. Here the recruits learn traditional Indigenous values and teachings. This is taught by Elders and cultural staff. The Culture Camp serves two purposes: It helps the candidates understand the need for self-discipline and teamwork and also instils pride through Indigenous traditions within military service. When the candidates return from Culture Camp, they are turned over to their military instructors and commence a six week Basic Military Qualification (BMQ).
During the BMQ course, candidates learn what every new recruit requires: military knowledge, inspections, physical training, weapons handling, navigation with a map and compass, first aid, drill, outdoor field craft and a confidence building obstacle course. With Raven having a naval focus, we include a day sail onboard one of our ships where the candidates will experience life at sea. Here we introduce sea elements such as firefighting, flood containment and damage control. Former Raven graduates have commented that this was their favourite day of the course and for some, their first time on a ship or touching the ocean waves.

Offered by:

  • Royal Canadian Navy

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Formal Outcomes

  • Certificate

General Outcomes

  • Career Development Skills

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