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Alberta Native Friendship Centres Association


The ANFCA is mandated to support its member Friendship Centres and to work with Friendship Centre representatives that form part of the ANFCA Board of Directors; that participate on the Elders’ Wisdom Circle; and that send members to the Alberta Aboriginal Youth Council. By supporting Friendship Centres, the ANFCA indirectly supports those individuals who access Friendship Centres’ services.
The ANFCA and member Friendship Centres have a strong understanding of the needs of the urban Indigenous community and have been implementing programs and services for over 50 years. While bound together with a common vision, member Friendship Centres are autonomous and are responsible to respond to needs as identified by their communities; the range of programs and services offered varies greatly and includes, but is not limited to, accredited alternative schools, daycares, youth centres, employment programs, homeless shelters, cultural camps, socio-economic, health promotion and prevention and life skills programs.
Respecting the autonomy of member Friendship Centres, the ANFCA offers operational and administrative assistance to each. With an operational foundation made possible by the Alberta Government, the ANFCA has created a strong base to meet the needs of its member Friendship Centres.
With a goal to provide effective support to Friendship Centres, the ANFCA offers support in the following key areas:
Board development support, capacity building and training
Management support and training of Friendship Centre staff
Culturally relevant resource development
Provincial management and delivery of provincially and nationally mandated agreements
Partnership and coalition building
Development and implementation of provincial initiatives
Support to the Alberta Aboriginal Youth Council and the Elders’ Wisdom Circle
Provincial Communications Strategy
Other activities and supports as deemed necessary by member centres

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  • Alberta Native Friendship Centres Association

    Alberta Native Friendship Centres Association The Alberta Native Friendship Centres Association (ANFCA) is a provincial, charitable organization that represents and provides support to 20 urban Aboriginal Friendship Centres located in Alberta. The mission of the ANFCA to improve the quality of life for Aboriginal people in urban areas by supporting ...

    Contact Info: Website: http://www.anfca.com/

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