Why the Toolkit?

We know, from talking to you, that Aboriginal learners leave school at a higher rate than do non-Aboriginal learners, and research supports these findings. There are many reasons for this: cultural conflict; marginalization; feelings of alienation; racism and labelling; relationship issues; parental issues; distrust of educational systems; lack of support and involvement of family, parents, and community; sense of powerlessness; and the residual effects of residential schools (Makokis, 2000).
The educational system has not always fostered success and often fails to work together with learners and cultures. Regardless of where you are at in your life, you can experience success in your studies and the Learning Communities project can help you with that. We acknowledge that every student faces different learning barriers but that every student also brings his or her own gifts and knowledge, and perseverance, to the process. Successful studies happen when we all learn together.
Toolkit language attempts to be inclusive and as straightforward as possible. The Toolkit’s intention is to help you as you develop skills that permit you to be the best learner that you can be and to help you help you to identify possible problems that may hinder or prevent you from being successful.

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