Aboriginal Community and Economic Development

Guide to Aboriginal Organizations: http://www.aboriginal.alberta.ca/documents/2012_AboriginalOrganizationGuide.pdf

College and Institutes Canada: Indigenous Education Protocals for Colleges and Institutes: Colleges Serving Aboriginal Learners and Communities.

Aboriginal Mall: Linking you to Canada's First Nations, Metis and Inuit People,http://www.aboriginalmall.com/Home

Alberta Aboriginal Relations: The Ministry of Aboriginal Relations works with Aboriginal communities, the federal government, industry and other stakeholders to promote social and economic opportunities to enhance the quality of life of Aboriginal people in Alberta. http://www.aboriginal.alberta.ca/3.cfm

Alberta Aboriginal Relations: Education Initiative. And News Release; the Education Memorandum of Understanding for First Nations of Alberta And the MOU Long-term stategic action plan Dec 2013

Alberta Aboriginal Relations: Aboriginal Economic Tool Kit of Resources

Success Stories - Aboriginal Peoples & Communities: http://www.aadnc-aandc.gc.ca/eng/1306867400833/1306867695023

Look and listen to these short videos featuring the success of First Nations, Inuit, Métis and Northern communities. Whether it's about education, culture or governance, they all have the same goal – improving the quality of life of Aboriginal people across Canada.

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