Virtual Library for Mentors and Learners

Virtual library for Mentors and Learners:

The Aboriginal Mentoring Handbook. AMP Guidelines for Mentoring Indigenous youth pdf


Lone Eagle Consulting: Distance Learning and Mentoring Key Issues. Issues in on line mentoring, including a  learn to mentor toolkit. Although this is aimed at mentors working with youth, the principles are the same.


The Governance Toolkit; The National Centre for First Nations Governance : Program for mentoring students of financial management .This refers to mentoring students who wish to become accountants, but there are some key concepts in the section on Success Factors.


Online learning circles concept and introduction Value lies in the description of the learning circle concept and in the encouragement of learners to broaden their participation with others in educational/learning projects.


Native Women’s Association of Canada Helpful summary of issues challenging Native Women regarding education including the need for distance learning.


Alberta International, Intergovernmental and Aboriginal Relations : Handbook for Aboriginal Mentoring A handbook for mentoring youth, but inclusive of the principles and values necessary for successful mentoring of all ages.


Mentoring: One Pathway to Aboriginal Talent Development Although this is primarily an academic paper, it reviews the challenges and benefits of mentoring and  shares an optimistic approach to an age old practice.


Canadian Council on Learning, Early Childhood Learning knowledge Centre; a path towards improved early learning.

It will be worthwhile particularly to persons deeply interested in Aboriginal learning patterns and those who want to understand why mentoring may be very important to Aboriginal confidence and life -long learning.

Through Canadian Heritage, The Aboriginal Women’s Professional Association is  running a mentoring program. Aspects of the program provide insights for potential mentors.


Cybermentors: Inspiring girls and women in Science and Technology a mentoring handbook. A handbook for online mentoring of young women interested in science and technology. Good tips on what a mentor is, and is not and insights into how to mentor.


MLRN The Mentoring and Leadership Research Network: Is a Good Teacher always a Good Mentor? How adult learning principles apply to mentoring.


Indigenous Works: Guiding Circles"  is an interactive, flexible, and fun holistic career development program designed to guide individuals toward career paths. The workbooks combine a traditional Aboriginal worldview with contemporary career development concepts to help you achieve career satisfaction, break down cultural barriers, and better understand Aboriginal workforce challenges.

Youth and adults can become engaged in school or life-long learning as they discover their potential career options and see the relevance of education to job opportunities. The ‘rings of influence’ delivered through the series gives individuals hope for a rewarding career.” Available through the Aboriginal Resource Council.


All about talking circles online from First Nations Pedagogy Online. Many of the principles are applicable to situations where two or three individuals may be meeting with a learner to share ideas and experiences.


DreamCatcher Mentoring program, an innovative e-mentoring program designed to empower students to realize the rewards of staying in school, and to bridge the education, cultural, communication, and geographic gaps in Canada. This program connects Yukon and Nunavut high school students with Canadian mentors who work in their aspired "dream careers".

To date, DreamCatcher Mentoring has successfully matched over 800 students with Canadian professionals around the world.

Aboriginal Mentoring Program Handbook developed by the PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise (Ontario). The website, enterprising, offers a variety of supports to northern Aboriginal women who wish to become business entrepreneurs. The mentoring program is one of those supports.


The Mentor News: Peer Resources This is a link to a Canadian online resource that contains wealth of information related to mentoring and coaching. A periodical publication entitled The Mentor News and other occasional publications are made available to members and non-members.  The site is frequently maintained, so information is current.


This entertaining "Mentor Hall of Fame" website provides lists of mentors from all walks of life, made famous by the media.
In this YouTube clip,Claire Clark, co-founder and past executive director of the Aboriginal Women's Professional Association in Edmonton, shares her wisdom and experience about being a mentor, and the mentoring relationship.
Indspire: Rivers to Success Aboriginal Mentoring Program
I am a Kind Man; At a time when violence is invading whole communities "I Am a Kind Man" reminds us that violence has never been an acceptable part of Aboriginal culture. This website embraces the Seven Grandfather Teachings which show us how to live in harmony with Creation through wisdom, love, respect, bravery, honesty, humility and truth. As well there is a Mentor program to help support men in these teachings.
The Indigenous Women in Community Leadership Program youtube with the COADY International Institute.  A program that helps Indigenous women become empowered leaders and helpers in their communities.  the program has a full mentorship program.

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